Child Protection Policy/ Photography Policy

Our Principle Photographers are PVG / CRB checked. Our desk staff, are supervised by an adult (with PVG)  and we feel are not in a position, during the event to create a bond or position of trust with children or vulnerable people.   

We aim to follow the photographic guidelines set by British and Scottish Gymnastics, regarding photographic composition of the image.

However from experience we have found that the sport of Gymnastics has certain elements which are difficult to avoid  - we appreciate that some folk may take offence to some images / and or interpret them in the wrong way… If you find an image, offensive, or simply "not to your liking" please contact us (directly at our desk at an event)  or by email with the Event name, rotation/ pool / act name or number and most importantly an image  number (_xxxxx.jpg) and we will review the offending image with an independent reviewer and take appropriate action with said image.  We may well contact the people in the image for their opinion as well. It is as always subjective to each individual.